February 27, 2019

Cannabis Dispensary Software Systems Overview (Part 2)

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Ryan Lalonde

Part 2: Digital Signage

*Part 1 of this blog series focuses on Cannabis POS systems, Part 2 on Digital Signage, and Part 3 on Interactive Menus, Express Checkout & CRM Systems.*

As any cannabis shop owner could tell you, setting up a cannabis business is no easy task. Most founders find themselves wearing several hats before their stores are even open, from raising funds, finding locations, managing licensing, overlooking renovations, and making technology decisions. Many retail companies don’t have a tremendous amount of experience when it comes to technology, and that can make the process of system selection seem daunting.

When making technology system decisions, there are two key questions businesses should ask themselves:

  1. How to select the best system for your business needs
  2. How to best utilize the system to increase your bottom line


Almost all cannabis dispensaries are utilizing some form of digital signage in their stores to communicate at-a-glance information to customers about what products are available currently, along with high-level information about those products such as name, brand, pricing, and often THC & CBD percentages.

Another common use of digital signage is “infotainment,” or educational information presented in a visually compelling fashion to inform customers.

The best digital signage systems will allow direct integrations with the POS so only available products will appear. This process can be done manually, but it’s an administrative burden which requires close monitoring.

How to Select Digital Signage:

It is important what and how you want to communicate with your customers. Traditional print products, such as menus, flyers, take-away cards and educational pamphlets are costly and wasteful. Digital signage is a cost-effective system that allows for fast implementation and easy updates. Digital signage allows you to display a wide variety of content from a single source.

It is vital to consider how a digital signage provider implements your content across your screens. Similarly, consider what content you want to display, be it menu, entertainment, infotainment, social media and education. Think about where can you source and create that content, especially for displaying what products you are carrying. If you want to have a menu on your screens, does your provider connect to your POS or do you have to do manual updates? You should also review how your potential providers allow you to manage and roll out your content.

How to Best Utilize Digital Signage:

You have worked hard to create a fantastic in-store experience and a strong brand. Using digital signage, creating a captivating experience is easy. It allows you to customize and control all the content you have on-screen. This means you can bring your brand to life with your content.

It is also important to consider where and how you configure your screens. You should place product information and menus as close to the POS as possible. By doing so, customers can learn more about what you have in stock, as well as get more information about the product as they are about to make a purchase decision. This can spark conversation and questions between your customers and budtenders. It would help if you also considered what places in your store that customers may be idle and looking for more information about the store or the products. For example, if you have a waiting room area where customers can sit and relax, consider putting a screen nearby that plays educational and entertainment content. This will lead to great customer engagement and enhance your in-store experience.

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