December 22, 2022

The best-selling cannabis products in Ontario

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Ryan Lalonde

Welcome to our best sellers list of the most popular cannabis products in Ontario in 2022. We have compiled a list of the top 10 sellers in each major product category: beverages, flower, edibles, vapes, pre-rolls, CBD, and more to help you understand what is trending in the market and what popular products you could be stocking at your cannabis retail store to help you sell more.


Rank Product Name Brand
1 Blood Orange, Yuzu & Vanilla Sparkling Juice (355ml) Collective Project
2 Strawberry Kiwi (355ml) Phresh
3 Orange Krush Classic Soda (355ml) Keef
4 Tropical Fruit (236ml) XMG
5 Mango Pineapple (236ml) XMG
6 Watermelon (236ml) XMG
7 Bakerstreet & Ginger (355ml) Tweed
8 Mango Pineapple & Coconut Sparkling Juice (355ml) Collective Project
9 Summit 10 Lemonade Iced Tea Juice (355ml) A1 Cannabis
10 Mollo 5 (355ml) Mollo


Rank Product Name Brand
1 Gems 5:0 (15 caps) Redecan
2 Gems 5:5 (15 caps) Redecan
3 CBD Gems (15 caps) Redecan
4 Bakerstreet Softgels (15 caps) Tweed
5 High CBD Capsule (30 caps) Mood Ring
6 Penelope Softgels (15 caps) Tweed
7 CBD Gems + (15 caps) Redecan
8 Light year THC Softgels (30 caps) Emprise Canada
9 CBD 50 Capsules (30 caps) Dosecann
10 CBD 25 Softgels (30 caps) Hexo


Rank Product Name Brand
1 Afghan Black Pressed Hash (2g) Vortex Cannabis
2 Good Ol’ Hash (2g) Good Supply
3 Hashish (2g) Tremblant Cannabis
4 OS.Hash Indica Dry Sift (2g) Original Stash
5 Gold Seal Hash (1g) HASHCO
6 Pink Kush Shatter (1g) RAD
7 Sour Diesel Shatter (1g) RAD
8 Organic Lebanese Hash (2g) 1964
9 8 Ball Kush Shatter (1g) Shatterizer Extracts
10 Indica Honey Oil Dispenser (1g) Pura Vida


Rank Product Name Brand
1 Blue Raspberry Watermelon Soft Chews (5 pc) SOURZ by Spinach
2 Pomegranate Blueberry Acai 5:1 (2 pc) Wana
3 Wild Berry Blaze Soft Chews (4 pc) SHRED’EMS
4 Strawberry Mango Soft Chews (5 pc) Spinach
5 Peach Orange Soft Chews (5 pc) SOURZ by Spinach
6 Sour Megamelon (2 pc) SHRED’EMS
7 Mango Sativa (2 pc) Wana
8 Sour Cherry Punch Gummies (2 pc) SHRED’EMS
9 Blueberry Indica (2 pc) Wana
10 THC Milk Chocolate (1 pc) Bhang


Rank Product Name Brand
1 Pink Kush (3.5g) Pure Sunfarms
2 Tropic Thunder Milled Flower (7g) Shred
3 Funk Master (7g) Shred
4 Gnarberry Milled Flower (7g) Shred
5 Jet Fuel Gelato (3.5g) Pure Sunfarms
6 GMO Cookies (3.5g) Spinach
7 Wappa (1g) Redecan
8 Pink Kush (7g) Pure Sunfarms
9 Jean Guy (3.5g) Good Supply
10 Wedding Pie (3.5g) Black Forty

Infused Pre-rolls

Rank Product Name Brand
1 Hash Bats: Jean Guy Hash-Infused (1.5g) Good Supply
2 Honeydew Boba Infused (1g) General Admission
3 Terp Infused Berry G#33 (1g) General Admission
4 Peach Ringz Infused (1g) General Admission
5 Hashbats: Starwalker Kush Hash-Insused (1.5g) Good Supply
6 Tropic GSC Infused (1.5g) General Admission
7 Supercharged Duubzy Indica (6g) Cruuzy
8 Apricot Kush Diamond Infused (1.5g) Qwest
9 Distillate Infused Pre-roll Taster Pack (1.5g) General Admission
10 Tropic GSC Infused (1g) General Admission


Rank Product Name Brand
1 Reign Drops 30:0 (30ml) Redecan
2 CBD Reign Drops (30ml) Redecan
3 Reign Drops 15:15 (30ml) Redecan
4 Full Spectrum CBN+CBD Oil (30ml) NightNight
5 THC Oil (30ml) Five Founders
6 CBD Oil (30ml) Five Founders
7 CBN 1:2 Nighttime Formula Oil (30ml) MediPharm Labs
8 High CBD Oil (30ml) Mood Ring
9 Pure Sun CBD Oil 1:30 (30ml) Pure Sunfarms
10 Free Oil (30ml) Solei


Rank Product Name Brand
1 Grower's Choice Indica (1g) Good Supply
2 Jean Guy (1g) Good Supply
3 Grower's Choice Sativa Pre Roll (1g) Good Supply
4 Indica (2g) Hiway
5 Sativa Pre-Roll (2g) Hiway
6 The Jeffrey (0.5g) Choice Growers
7 Grower's Choice Hybrid (1g) Good Supply
8 Redee Cold Creek Kush (4g) Redecan
9 Pacific OG (1.5g) Tantalus Labs
10 Pink Kush (1.5g) Pure Sunfarms


Rank Product Name Brand
1 CBD Daily Relief Cream (60g) Dosecann
2 The Dreamer Bath Bomb (1 pc) Eve & Co.
3 Relief Stick (30g) Wildflower
4 Muscle Balanced 1:1 Cream (100g) Proofly
5 The Lover Bath Bomb (1 pc) Eve & Co.
6 Lavender Fizz (85g) Noon & Night
7 Cool Stick (30g) Wildflower
8 CBD Cream (40g) WholeHemp
9 Muscle THC Body Cream (100g) Proofly
10 Fire & Ice CBD Deep Tissue Roll-On (40g) Tidal


Rank Product Name Brand
1 Ninja Fruit 510 Thread Cartridge (1g) -ness
2 Strawnana Indica 1:0 510 Thread Cartridge (0.95g) General Admission
3 Purple Monkey Vape Cartridge (1g) Good Supply
4 Magic Melon 510 Thread Cartridge (1g) BZAM
5 Pineapple Express 510 Cartridge (1g) Good Supply
6 Rainbow Sherb Vape Cartridge (0.95g) General Admission
7 Indica Disposable Pen (0.3g) Foray
8 Pineapple Daze Vape Cartridge (0.95g) General Admission
9 Cherry Blossom OG Vape Cartridge(1g) Fuego
10 High THC 510 Thread Cartridge(1g) Pure Sunfarms