October 24, 2018

Cannabis Express Checkout & Order Queue

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Ryan Lalonde

The first week of legalization saw high demand from customers and long lines at licensed retailers across the country. After the novelty of legalization begins to subside the long lines will shorten and customer service demands will certainly slow, but retailers will still need to adapt their customer service practices and consider new methods to create a simple, convenient, and quick shopping experience that still allows them to maintain their margins.

One way to streamline the checkout process is by using express checkout lines and order queues. The average wait time can be 15 min and up during peak hours. Most retailers will find themselves focusing on customer education with newer customers, whereas returning customers who already know what they want will want to get their orders processed as quickly as possible. To serve both types of customers, many retailers are turning to express checkout lines powered by checkout kiosks, running on tablets or touchscreens, that allow customers to create shopping carts independently.

Reduced Wait Times

One of the primary benefits for the consumer is reduced wait times. Instead of waiting in line to place an order with a staff member, they can sign into their account, fill their cart, and send the order for processing at the point-of-sale and order queue immediately. This is especially convenient for returning customers who know the products and just want to quickly pick up their order. Shopping preferences are changing, and more customers are opting for self-serve checkout options in retail spaces where available – just ask McDonalds.

Operational Efficiency & Your Bottom Line

It’s also becoming very clear that cannabis retailer profit margins are going to be tight. Another advantage of express checkout is staff can be more efficiently allocated where needed, either to provide support to customers who truly need it or simply to fulfill self-serve orders. There are also savings from staffing fewer customer service representatives due to the increase in automation from self-serve capabilities.

Customer Insights

Express checkout offers cannabis retailers the unique ability to collect insights on their customer’s preferences, purchase decisions, and shopping habits that can be used to optimize sales and operational processes. Customers that create profiles can share information about themselves in a non-invasive way.

How We Can Help

Buddi offers express checkout and order queue functionality that integrates directly with most cannabis POS systems. Customers can learn about products, add them to their shopping cart, place their order, and proceed to an express checkout line to pay for their order.

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