October 3, 2022

Capturing Eden Client Spotlight

Ryan Lalonde profile image
Ryan Lalonde

Tell us about Capturing Eden:

Capturing Eden means "to seize origins," through this, we bring life to the post-legalization market we envision. We connect with our communities by participating in local events and sponsoring local initiatives. We always try to find ways to give back, including empowering our consumers with knowledge. You cannot experience the entourage effect if you don't know how to identify it, and that's where our Budtender's come in. With a small, tightly knit team, we can uniquely connect the LP's passions with the consumer's curious natures.

What is the customer experience like at your stores?

Whether you're coming in for an old favorite, a new taste, or simply looking for some information on cannabis, you will feel right at home when you visit us. All of our Budtenders provide good vibes and loads of information.

What is the inspiration for the look and feel of Capturing Eden?

When selecting the design scheme for our 12 stores, we felt a rustic style would be more welcoming than the sterile feel of Apple store-like environments. Our goal was to create an environment that promotes a sense of calm instead of bright lights and overstimulation. We found this to be the perfect recipe to enhance consumer experiences.

How do you use Buddi and how has it helped your cannabis stores?

In a cannabis market that is growing at an exponential pace, it is imperative to stay diligent & competitive. Using Buddi as our e-commerce solution and online menu minimized operating costs. We have passed those savings on to our customers with more discounts and deals. Buddi has made it easy for our small team to manage the bigger picture for our online commerce and add personability with custom collections. Working with Buddi has increased customer satisfaction by over 80% compared to 3 other services we have used in the past.

What do you and your team like the most about Buddi?

Our Budtenders enjoy the granular searchability and the up-to-date product information. Our staff also use Buddi to take pre-orders for customers waiting in-line and as an educational tool to get more information about products than what is provided by our POS system.

What do your customers think about Buddi?

Our customers enjoy how easy Buddi is to use. This includes how well the menu integrates into our website, which is extremely important because a misloaded menu can be very daunting for consumers.