October 14, 2022

Haze Buds Cannabis Client Spotlight

Ryan Lalonde profile image
Ryan Lalonde

Tell us about Haze Buds Cannabis:

Haze Buds is a privately owned store in Jacksons Point, Ontario, beside Lake Simcoe.

What is the customer experience like at your stores?

Our goal is to provide the best experience for our customers. We focus on creating a welcoming environment by having friendly and knowledgeable Budtenders ready to help consumers find exactly what they need in our large selection of products.

How do you use Buddi and how has it helped your cannabis stores?

At Haze Buds Cannabis, we use Buddi’s e-commerce software on our website to display our menu and allow our customers to place orders online. We also use Buddi’s self-serve software to display our menu in-store so customers can browse our products and place their orders all on their own. Buddi’s software is free, and this has helped us manage our operating costs.

What do you and your team like the most about Buddi?

The Buddi team is excellent to work with and available 7-days a week. We feel confident knowing that if we need any help, they will help us. Our team also loves the tags feature on the Buddi platform that allows the ability to sort products quickly.

What do your customers think about Buddi?

Our customers love the in-store menus that Buddi’s software allows us to display. Customers can easily view our products and help themselves if our staff is busy or they are not ready to speak with a Budtender.