April 4, 2019

How Tablet Menus Help to Differentiate Your Dispensary

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Ryan Lalonde

The #1 reason that cannabis consumers choose one dispensary over another isn’t products or even price; it’s customer experience. Think about it this way – Apple doesn’t have the cheapest products, or the best performing products from a specs perspective. What it does offer is unique customer experience and a brand that consumers love and are loyal towards – even if that means spending an additional $1000 for that new laptop.

We’re not saying that everyone should strive to be “The Apple Store of Cannabis” – that experience isn’t for everyone either. But, what does your dispensary offer the consumer that compels them to drive the extra 10 minutes to your shop instead of another, or pay that extra $2.99 for the same gram that’s available cheaper online?

In-store technology is at the forefront of the retail revolution to bring customers back into the brick & mortar storefront, and away from the online stores. Many retailers are turning to digital means to enhance their customer experience, and changing that experience from a passive engagement to something interactive, informative, and most importantly – fun!

In-store tablet menus are being leveraged across the industry to enhance the customer experience for many reasons:

  1. It’s Informative
  2. It’s Fun & Interactive
  3. It Provides Privacy & Isn’t Rushed
  4. It Frees Up Staff

It’s Informative

There’s a lot of information that needs to be communicated to cannabis consumers, mainly because licensed cannabis products are often brand new to them. This information ranges from brand information, cannabinoid & terpene content, and more granular information like growing-process and product origin. That’s a lot to communicate to a customer without having something to help deliver that content. That’s where tablet menus come in.

A good tablet menu system should be usable by staff members or work as a standalone system that customers can engage with directly. With staff members, the tablet menus serve as a resource to hold information that can be used during customer engagements – this means having a robust catalogue and information at your staff’s fingertips. Tablet menus can also be set up as a standalone, customer-facing system, where it serves as a dispensary kiosk.

It’s Fun & Interactive

Cannabis dispensaries have a unique opportunity to deliver a customer experience that is completely new and different from what other retail experiences offer, and if there’s one thing that will guarantee that your customers come back to your store, it’s that they had an enjoyable experience!

One way to deliver an enjoyable experience is to offer interactive tools that customers can interact with. Since cannabis products (besides smell jars) aren’t accessible to the consumer in the retail environment, providing digital tools to learn about products, brands, and other content is an excellent way to increase customer engagement.

It Provides Privacy & Isn’t Rushed

Cannabis was illegal in Canada for nearly 100 years, so understandably, many consumers like to be able to maintain their privacy when shopping. You could have the best staff members in the world, but some people simply prefer to shop on their own and not be bothered by anyone. This means that your store should be able to cater to individuals who want to maintain their privacy in your store, and other customers who like hands-on service.

Tablet menus allow customers to shop without having to engage with staff members, which makes these customers more comfortable. Another benefit is that tablet menus allow customers to shop at their own pace. Some customers may already know what they’re looking for, but many customers prefer to browse unrushed, then make a purchase decision once they’re ready, and without a lineup forming behind them.

It Frees Up Staff

This is one great benefit for both the customer and the retailer. Tablet menus help free up staff from many redundant tasks that tend to take significant time, such as explaining available products or finding the highest THC or CBD products.

Taking staff away for menial tasks means that customers who have more pressing concerns must wait to be helped. The only option, in this case, would be to hire more staff. However, not every store can afford to have several frontline staff working at all times.

Tablet menus allow customers to self-serve in situations that would normally require a staff-assistance. Retail automation is one of the best ways that retailers can run a lean operation and add back to their bottom line.

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