August 1, 2022

Prairie Records Client Spotlight

Ryan Lalonde profile image
Ryan Lalonde

Tell us about Praire Records:

Prairie Records is all about cannabis + creativity. We aim to bring the same experience of getting lost in the music, rediscovering favorite bands, finding new ways to get creative, and connecting with your inner artist, to the cannabis retail industry. When you visit any one of our 6 stores, located throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan, our team helps you curate your cannabis the same way you would build your perfect playlist. Setting you up with the exact vibe you are looking for.

What is the customer experience like at your store:

When you enter a Prairie Records store, you are walking into a comfortable shopping experience tailored for the newest cannabis users and the most experienced. Our staff is trained to provide a laid-back, safe, and education-focused environment for everyone.

What is the inspiration for the look and feel of Prairie Records?

We believe nothing pairs better than cannabis and music, so we themed our stores after an old-school record shop to set the vibe for the entire experience.

How do you use Buddi and how has it helped your cannabis stores?

We use Buddi’s ecommerce solution to allow customers to order from our website. Buddi has streamlined and simplified our online experience by providing up-to-date content for all cannabis products listed

on our website which reduces the amount of time we have to spend on updating our website ourselves.

What do you and your team like the most about Buddi?

Buddi is adaptable and responsive, and the support team is always quick to respond to questions. They are focused on growth, meaning they are always working on new innovations and finding better ways to integrate with our other systems. The change from Shopify to Buddi not only saved us thousands of dollars a month, but it has also eliminated so many headaches!

What do your customers think about Buddi?

Our customers often comment on how easy it is to understand our products online and how simple it is to order through our website.