May 27, 2019

Q&A with Ontario Cannabis Retailer: J. London

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Ryan Lalonde

J. London is a premier cannabis shop in London, ON, and a proud customer of Buddi. Operating consultants Stephen Keating and Dave Craig shared some insights into their unique approach to cannabis retail, including how Buddi has helped them craft their ideal customer experience while operating as lean as possible.

What is the customer experience like at J. London?\ Customers are welcomed into our store and are age gated in a comfortable and modern lobby. They are then guided into the store where they see an environment of beautiful store design, exclusive product, music, imagery and friendly staff. They are then introduced to the Buddi system or can go right up to the counter to order.

What was the inspiration for the look and design of your store?\ We wanted our store to be clean, modern, upscale and approachable. There is something for everyone and our staff is friendly, well informed and helpful.

\ How are you using Buddi at your stores currently?\ Buddi is introduced as a way for customers to get what they are looking for. We have 4 units in store now and are adding 2 more. They are positioned in the middle of the store and are displayed on beautiful tables.

\ What do your customers think of Buddi?\ Customers think the technology is cool and enjoy running through it to see the options they have all in one place.

\ What’s your favourite or most used feature in Buddi?\ Customers like to know that their selections are prioritized and it allows us to be helpful without making personal recommendations (rules say we cannot suggest product for customers so this is a nice alternative)

\ How does Buddi help your business?\ It allows customers to feel confident that what they are selecting to purchase is the best option for them. It drives people to buy and they don’t feel rushed to make a decision at the counter with people lined up behind them

\ Have you noticed a difference in orders that are placed through Buddi vs. orders that are not?\ Orders placed on Buddi are bigger

\ How do your staff members feel about having Buddi in store?\ Staff enjoy working with Buddi and it provides an extension of a more service and education experience for the custom

\ Where do you currently have Buddi setup in store?\ Buddi is on the center display tables of the store. We are also adding 2 more on the walls at the front and back of the store

\ Is there a specific type of shopper that you see using Buddi?\ We direct all customers to Buddi. The only ones that are not interested in using Buddi are the ones that know exactly what they want.

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