December 24, 2019

Revive Client Spotlight

Ryan Lalonde profile image
Ryan Lalonde

Tell us about Revive:

Revive Cannabis is a conscious company solely owned and operated by three local Innisfail families who have experienced profound life improvements from cannabis. We are a manager-less corporation with no hierarchical structure. Each time a customer enters our store they will meet an owner who intrinsically cares about the company, the customer and the community.

What is the customer experience like at your store?

The entire store has been designed with the help of a local Feng Shui Master Anita Adrain, to create the best possible customer experience. Every customer who enters our store will instantly feel better as they are immersed in the high conscious field. They can speak to one of our six owners and begin their cannabis retail experience, they can gaze at the live menu boards with our entire cannabis selection or browse through our entire menu on the education and remote order tablets powered by Buddi.

We ensure that we get our customers involved in their own personal decisions to make the right choices for their unique cannabis needs.

How are you using Buddi at your stores currently?:

We have six education and remote order stations on a dedicated education table.

What do your customers think of Buddi?:

They LOVE it!! They love having the option to look through the entire menu and the option to add various search filters to find exactly what they need. One customer stated “ I love these tablets because I’m an introvert and don’t feel comfortable talking to many new people. They allow me to search for what I need at my own pace and submit the order for pickup!”

What’s your favourite or most used feature in Buddi?:

The most used feature at Revive is the “recommend me products” section that allows new and experienced customers to enter various information and glean a recommendation for the best cannabis experience.

How does Buddi help your business?:

Customers love having all the info in one place that they can search at their own pace. It provides an additional layer of customer service and provides the customers a place to get the most up to date, accurate, and helpful information about cannabis.

How do your staff members utilize Buddi?:

We direct customers to explore the system at their leisure. We also use Buddi at the POS to help us provide the customers with information about terpenes, flavonoids, THC/CBD Levels, and LP information.

How do you see Buddi helping with Cannabis 2.0 (edibles, topicals, etc)?:

It will be a huge asset in educating our customers about all of the new products and in providing them with a way to search for exactly what they need.