Interactive Tablet Menus + Ordering Kiosks

Seamless shopping experiences that reduce operating costs and drive profitability.

Express Check-Out

Allow customers to browse your menu independently and even order directly from a kiosk, keeping lineups short, reducing order times, and freeing up staff to fill orders or help other customers.

In-store ordering Kiosk image

Synced with your POS

We've done the hard work building integrations with Canada's leading cannabis POS systems, such as Cova, Greenline, and others. Your menu will sync in real-time to only show available products, current prices, promotions, and more.

Point of sale syncing image

Cannabis Education

Help customers who want to learn about cannabis basics by offering interactive education tools. Let customers self-teach at their own pace; informed customers are loyal customers.

Cannabis education image on the in-store kiosk

Built-In Product Content

There are over 2,000 legal cannabis products in Canada; that’s a lot of product information to manage - let us take care of it for you! Our menus come pre-loaded with every product on the Canadian market, from Aurora to Zenabis.

Image showing product content on the Buddi application

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