The Cannabis Conservancy and Buddi share the same vision of product & grower transparency for consumers, as well as environmentally sustainable cultivation practices. Now more than ever before, consumers want to support companies with sustainable business practices and want access to this information when looking to make a purchasing decision. Buddi & TCC hope to give consumers access to in-depth product and cultivation information to help them make informed decisions that are aligned with their desires to support a healthy environment.

Who is TTC? The Cannabis Conservancy™ provides a Sustainability Certification to Cannabis cultivators that adhere to Good Agricultural Practices, are free of harmful chemical inputs, utilize waste reduction methods, are energy efficient, and conserve water. For growers, Certification means reducing operating costs and recognition of a superior product. For consumers, Certified product means peace of mind from knowing that the Cannabis you consume is assured to be sustainably cultivated and free from harmful contaminants.”

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